Gut Reactions and trivia - For the hell of it


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Name is James, I handled Jesse Jamester in a couple of places here when PTC was active. GLOBAL and Lights Out Wrestling were my two main home stays, working as the same handler.

I grew up on email feds, chat feds, and those old GeoCities and AngelFire sites before I found PrimeTimeCentral. Back when I joined, PCW was in it's heyday, Old School Wrestling was the glitz and glamour with posers by WhiteMexi. Argyle I think handled in PCW (briefly). Hessian was running the gauntlet on my ass in the feeder training school that was on the forums at the time (The PIT?).

Fond memories included working with the guys like Bubba McCoy, Josh Moody, Trigger, Tristan Belmont, Mike and Matt Meyhu, Juvian Ramorez, and Ben Halkum on various things over the years. I was never a huge name or nothing, but enjoyed the hobby, the writing, and what we could do with stories.

Sure did fuck up a lot when I was younger; from flaking, to dissappearing, but I also helped a lot of feds with match writing, grading roleplays, and trying to be apart of the community. My one gripe for myself would be not finishing a stay in FW Central before I left back in 2010-2012? Maybe? Years are blurry to me. I came back and roleplayed from 2014-2016 in a fed outside of this circle, and then when it closed, I was gone for a while. I am now over at Northern Pro Wrestling, which is apart of the XHF forums ( - remove if this is the wrong place). I enjoy the community, we have a lot of different feds there that people can partake in, and Discord is used for chatting and some Friday Night hangout sessions in a channel.

In my personal life, been in the Information Technology career for 12 years now. I spent the better part of my 20s working and almost getting married twice, never was right so I didn't - and for the best to be honest. Love what I do in with Cloud Computing and working in Data Centers, especially during this past year. Been working remote and came back to the hobby. First time in a long time, I'm feeling good about being back full time, maybe because my life is stable again - I'm not worried about a roof over my head or where I'll be working, but it feels good and I'm happy.


Feel free to shoot me a message or send an email if you want to catch up.

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Got a bang of nostalgia this evening so found my way back here!

I honestly canā€™t answer most of those questions! Some great times on here, especially when The X was a thing. I miss the old AIM group chat clusterfucks!

Aye the X was great, the fedhead was an absolute arse though ;)


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The X was great. I got to write Japanese-style deathmatches with ridiculous stipulations. One of the planned ones involved snakes, scorpions and piranhas.