Transferable Skills

A Sheep

What have you done outside of ew that you learned while in it?

Me... shock horror... web hosting and website back end programming.

I ran the server that was PTC’s home up until maybe 18 months ago when my work setup made it next to impossible to respond to queries. Some clients had been with me for over 10 years.

Programming - a full e-commerce site from scratch with some funky cataloguing and image management, loads of incremental improvements here and there on various sites, migrations, data scraping, statistical analysis, even some data matching - do no evil. All kinds of different genres including some work on adult sites... amazing how close to a Backstage script some of them can be 🤣


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I worked in editorial for two different publications — one in L.A., one in Virginia — and founded my own literary journal, which recently folded. I've a second one upcoming, as well. Really, being a good reader and writer has informed the bulk of my career and life.

More tangentially, I've paid rent through web design, which I began to pick up during a flight of fancy in which I'd run my own e-fed.


I ended up going to school for Graphic Design, which I started doing for fun clear back in high school, mostly because of eWrestling. I also started self-teaching HTML/CSS/JavaScript starting back then (these skills are ever-evolving, so still learning) and am currently a UI/UX Engineer as a career because of it and my design background.

I have done my share of freelance graphic/web design work over the last 10 years since graduating from college as well.